Saturday, August 30, 2014

+Labor Day Weekend-Earl's Farm Market Just 10 miles from J. Paule's Fenn Inn B&B

Earl's Farm Market
1630 Blue Star Hwy   Fennville/Glenn, MI     269-227-2074

Wow where did the Summer Go!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Last weekend for summer hours 8am-9pm.
Fall Hours Start on Labor Day!
Open Everyday 8am - 7pm through October.
November & December Hours Friday-Sunday 10am-6pm 

Blueberries U-Pick is still available!
$1.75 a pound  Variety: Elliot & Jersey
We-Pick Blueberries available with supplies light.
$3.25 pint - $6.00 quart - $15.00 5# box

Red Raspberries are Ripe and Ready!

U-pick price is $3.00 a pint
We furnish the containers for you to pick into and take home.
We-Pick $4.00 a pint

Blackberries are available for U-Pick $3.00 pint.

Locally Grown Fresh Picked Peaches still available but will be done this weekend.
The variety is All Star they are Freestone and Large in size.
Locally Grown Fresh Picked Apples Available!

Varieties: Ginger Golds and Jersey Macs
These are great eating apples and for sauce and baking too.

Gala's about 10 days and Honey Crisp about 2 weeks!

Open on Labor Day 8am - 7pm
8am - 9pm This weekend.
Labor Day -  October:  8am - 7pm
November & December  10am-6pm  Friday - Sunday
Fresh Cut Chrismas Trees - Wreaths - Garland
Available starting Day after Thanksgiving!

Michigan Farm Fresh U-Pick
or We-Pick

Raspberries Blueberries

Fruits & Vegetables
Homemade Pies

Baked Goods
Fruit Jams

Sherman's Dairy Ice Cream

1630 Blue Star
Fennville, MI



GPS coordinates:
N 42.53723 degrees 
W  86.20978 degrees

This is Dortha's recipe and a great potluck chilled dish.

Raspberry Cheese Dessert

1 cup          Flour
1/2 cup     Butter (melted)
1/2 cup     Pecans (ground)

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.
Combine together and press into a 9x13 baking pan and bake 15 minutes.
Let Cool.

3/4 cup     Butter (melted)
2 cups       Powdered Sugar
2 (8oz)     Cream Cheese

Beat Together.  Spread over Crust.

1 cup        Nuts (chopped)
Spread over cheese mixture. Save 1/4 cup for Garnish

1 (3 oz)     Raspberry Jell0
1 cup         Water (boiling)
2 pints     Raspberries

Dissolve jello in boiling water.
Stir in Raspberries softly.
Chill until almost set then pour over cheese mixture.

1 (10 oz)     Cool Whip
Spread Cool Whip on top then garnish with remaining nuts.

Chill and Serve into Squares.

Shop Local for the Freshest
Homegrown Fruits & Vegetables
We now have fresh harvested:
Sweet Corn
String Beans, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Cucumbers, Celery, Lettuce, Pickles, Peppers, Beets and Fresh Cut Flowers & Glads.

Beautiful Hardy Mums are now available!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

+Apple and Peach and Corn Maze At Cranes Orchard just 3 miles from J. Paule's Fenn Inn

Crane Orchards News - Late August Update


The latest news from Crane Orchards - Peaches, Apples and the Corn Maze
Hello everyone,
Summer has flown fast and the Labor Day weekend holiday is suddenly upon us! We figured that made it a pretty good time to send you all an update...
First of all, U-Pick peaches are still going strong and we should have plenty available throughout the holiday weekend.
It's also approaching apple season and at this time we will have Ginger Golds and some Gala apple available for you. Many more varieties are yet to come in September too, of course. And since we know that many of you are curious, we're expecting picking for Honeycrisp apples to begin on or about September 18.
Our typical U-Pick hours are 10 til 6 daily though as always, it's a good idea to check the fruit page on our website (, before heading out - the latest information is always posted there. You can also call (269)561-8651 for our recorded update by phone.
This weekend also marks the opening of our Corn Maze. As is the case every year, it has a completely new design to challenge you. Corn maze hours are 10AM until 6PM on weekdays and noon until 6PM of the weekends.
We look forward to seeing lots of you soon and, as always, thank you for being our customers!

Rob and Maria Crane- Crane Orchards