Wednesday, August 21, 2013

+Earl's Farm Market

                    Earl's Farm Market 
                          1630 Blue Star Hwy   Fennville/Glenn, MI     269-227-2074

Blueberries are almost done for the season!
Elliots is the variety available for
U-Pick and We-Pick

U-Picking is still Available!
The price is $1.75 a pound
We furnish a bucket and bag for you to pick into then you take the bag home with you.

We-Pick Prices
$3.52 a pint  -  $6.00 a quart - $15.00 5# box

WE Pick Blueberries are very limited availablity
 due to end of season.

We have Washed Frozen Blueberries available.
24oz bags - 5.5 pound Bucket - 10 pound Box - 30 pound box

Fresh in the Bakery!
Homemade Blueberry, Peach
Peach/Blueberry & Peach/Raspberry Baked Pies!
Fresh Blueberry Donuts & Blueberry Sugar Cookies!
Homemade Blueberry Bread & Muffins!
Try Sherman's Blueberry Ice Cream!
Fresh Blueberry or Peach Sundaes & Shakes!
Peach Cider Slushies!

In the Market!
Homemade Blueberry and Peach Jam!
Earl's Homemade Jam - Blueberry Juices, Dressings, Syrups, Ciders, Salsa, Concentrate & Jerky!
Frozen Homemade Blueberry and Peach Pies to take home and bake!
We also have Sugar Free
Peach or Blueberry Homemade Pies
available Frozen to take home & bake.

Blackberries are available for U-pick only!
Red Raspberries are just starting with light U-Picking only!

Open 7 Days a Week

8am - 9pm through Labor Day
Labor Day -  October:  8am - 7pm

Shop Local for the Freshest Homegrown Fruits & Vegetables!
 Fresh Picked Sweet Corn, Plums & Necterines!
Homegrown Squash, Peppers, Cukes, Lettuce, Potatoes, Onions and Tomatoes!
Locally Grown from Gold Coast Farms

Variety: StarFire - Free stone and Great Flavor
Great for canning, freezing & cooking!
Varieties: Ginger Golds - Paula Reds - Early Golden
Galas, McIntosh and Golden Supreme around Sept. 9
Honey Crisp around Sept. 18

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