Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saugatuck Bed and Breakfast Japan's Festival part 2

Exhibition/ Artfully Adorned: The Japanese Kimono March 5 to April 26 from 9-5 EST Time and during evening performances Bertha Krueger Reid Exhibition Hall, FREE of CHARGE.Discover how the exquisite patterns and lush colors on Japanese kimonos are created in this exhibition of Japan's national dress.  Artfully Adomed showcases the motifs and techniques - still done entirely by hand - that have inspired everything from architecture to modern couture.   From painting and stenciling to embroidery and brocade, see close -up these remarkable works of fashion that are also breathtaking  works of art..                                                    

Gallery Talk/ Motifs in Kimono design
Thursday, April 1, 7pm, FREE of CHARGE
The Artfully Adomed  exhibition features many kimonos from Etta Hesselink's private collection.  Join her as she gives participants a tour of the exhibit and discusses key motifs commonly used in Kimono design.

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